5 Reasons Dental Implants are Superior to Other Teeth Replacement Options

Missing teeth can affect your health, your self-confidence, and ultimately the quality of your personal and professional life. To remedy these concerns, here at Pro Dental Care, our talented cosmetic and implant dentists recommend custom dental implants. With offices in South Elgin and Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, it’s easy to schedule convenient appointments for your new implants.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about sharing your smile with the world, we can restore it aesthetically and functionally. Take a minute to learn the top five reasons dental implants are superior to other teeth replacement options.

1. Dental implants look and feel most like your natural teeth

Whenever you can get replacement parts that look and feel as good or better than the originals, it’s an advantageous solution. Dental implants are the next best thing to having your own natural teeth. Because implants are carefully constructed to fit the space in your mouth, your new implants blend seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.

Your skilled dental team at Pro Dental Care meticulously matches your new implants to your natural teeth in size, color, and shape. Once they’re in place, nobody will be able to tell which teeth are natural and which ones are implants. And when you talk and eat, implants feel like they’ve always been a part of your mouth.

2. Dental implants function most like your natural teeth

Unlike less-permanent types of restorative dental work, dental implants function just like natural teeth, because they’re constructed of a root and a tooth. The root is a titanium screw that is securely and permanently implanted into your jawbone. Your jawbone then fuses around the new metal root to provide stability. Your new tooth — the crown —  is then attached to the root. Your new crown is the only part that will be visible, and it will look just like your other teeth.

What does this mean for you? It means you can eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about your dental work slipping out of place. It means you care for your dental implants just as you would your natural teeth, so there’s no special solutions or extra cleaning steps you have worry about. It also means you can speak clearly and smile confidently at all times.

3. Dental implants keep your mouth healthy

When you don’t replace missing teeth, your oral health declines over time. Dental implants do several things to keep your mouth healthy, including:

  • Help prevent bone loss and preserve existing jawbone
  • Help prevent adjacent teeth from shifting out of place
  • Help prevent tooth decay and gum disease of nearby teeth
  • Give a lasting solution that isn’t susceptible to cavities
  • Eliminate the need to alter adjacent teeth as would be needed for implants
  • Help prevent more complicated dental procedures in the future

Implants also help you retain the natural shape of your face as you get older, so your skin doesn’t sag into the vacant spaces of missing teeth.

4. Implants are long-lasting and extremely durable

Like your natural teeth, as long as you maintain good oral hygiene and take care of your teeth, your new implants will last a lifetime. This could mean you won’t need extensive dental reconstruction in the future. By replacing missing teeth with implants, you’re set for a long time.

And since dental implants are as durable as natural teeth, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods without worry. Eat an apple, bite into a carrot, and crunch on tortilla chips. Your implants are made for it.

5. No messy adhesives or embarrassing moments

Dentures and other types of removable restorations are just that — removable. That means they might slip out of place when you least expect it or make it difficult to speak clearly and comfortably.

Additionally, dental implants don’t require any messy adhesives to keep them in place. Once your dentist implants your new tooth, it’s secure. You’ll have no worries about your implant slipping mid-sentence or while you’re snacking on your favorite nuts or pita chips.

The best thing you can do for your oral health and your self-confidence is to replace your missing teeth. It makes a difference to your overall health and well-being, and implants are the superior choice.

To see if implants can help you, schedule a consultation online or over the phone with Pro Dental Care today.

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