What Is a Laser Root Canal?

The phrase “about as fun as a root canal” has become the wry punchline of many a standup comedian when referring to something that’s anything but fun. While many people fear the pain that’s always been associated with root canals, an innovation in the procedure is causing less pain and anxiety, more rapid healing, and dramatically lowering the risk of infection.

Sometimes a root canal is a necessary procedure — one that allows your dentist to save your tooth rather than pulling it. A top priority of the Pro Dental Care team is educating patients, so here we explain the procedure if you’re advised to get one. Today’s root canal technique is painless, so there’s nothing to fear.

What is a root canal?

Your dentist may recommend a root canal if your tooth’s pulp (inside the tooth’s root) is inflamed or infected with bacteria. The procedure takes place over two office visits:

  • You first receive local anesthesia so you don’t feel pain, and sedation is also an option if you’re very anxious about your visit
  • After making an opening in your tooth, your dentist clears out all of the infected pulp from your root canals and then disinfects the area in and around your affected tooth
  • Next, the space where the pulp was removed is filled with man-made material and sealed
  • A temporary crown covers your tooth while a permanent one is being made
  • When your permanent crown is ready, you return to the office and have it fitted and cemented onto your tooth

Your new tooth is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. It looks and functions the same way and doesn’t feel any different — except the painful infection is gone.

Is a root canal really necessary? Why not just pull my tooth?

Removing your tooth comes with its own problems. A gap in your teeth leaves you vulnerable for future infection, improper tooth shifting, and bone loss.

A root canal is far preferable to a tooth extraction. This painless procedure eliminates the risk of those oral health problems, cosmetically preserves your natural smile, and doesn’t disturb your eating, chewing, or speaking.

What is the laser’s role in a root canal?

The traditional root canal process has been enhanced with the safe use of lasers. The Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming system, otherwise known as PIPS, is the system preferred by many dentists, including the team here at Pro Dental Care. The advantages in using lasers for root canals include:

  • More thorough and targeted cleaning and elimination of bacteria
  • Superior sealing off of the root area and reduced risk for future infection
  • Virtually soundless, a laser procedure eliminates the worry some patients associate with the sounds of dental tools, such as the drill
  • Laser root canals are less invasive, so you experience less swelling and bleeding — resulting in a better recovery

Imagine having a root canal that’s painless and a healing period that’s nearly free of discomfort. That’s what modern dentistry, now aided by lasers, can do.

The Pro Dental Care team works to solve your dental issues in the most advanced way possible and with minimal stress. We’re all about prevention, and our laser root canal is a highly successful and safe procedure that rids you of infection and preserves your tooth.

Do away with the pain of an infection with a painless root canal. To learn more about the PIPS laser root canal procedure, simply call one of our three conveniently located offices, or book a consultation online.

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