Cosmetic Lift Dentures™

Dr. Johnson on Denture Technology

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The technology for dentures versus traditional dentures, where you take wax bites and wax rims and get as close as you can to a bite, when you use things like tracers, they allow us to know exactly where your bite should stop so your mouth isn't caved in. Your face isn't caved in or you're not too open—I’ve seen that too. It looks like a mouth full of teeth and nobody wants a mouth full of teeth.

I guess I always tell patients we're going to be working on two things: half of it's on function, how you chew, that part of it and the other is on aesthetics, how you look. We combine those two things together. We use things like tracers. Another big word is aesthetic control bases. What those do is I'm looking at a hundred things, at least, when using your anatomy and the width of your nose and your lip line. We can get the right plane, we can get just how high your lip moves when you smile, all those little details add into what's going to make something look natural in your mouth, rather than look like a denture.

The best thing that I can hear is that people don't know that I have a denture. I hear that all the time. “They don't know that I have a denture,” because that's when you know that everything clicked. Everything fell together into a good result.

The best denture is an invisible one. If you’re wearing dentures, you don’t want anyone to know. St. Charles, IL dentist Dr. Steve Johnson sees to that with innovative cosmetic lift dentures™. Unlike traditional dentures, they help fill out your face, creating space between your chin and nose. The effect is almost like a mini facelift!

Cosmetic lift dentures™ will:

  • Make you look younger
  • Support your jawbone
  • Fit perfectly for a natural look
  • Avoid that “caved-in” appearance
  • Restore your oral function

Dr. Johnson is our dentures expert, having placed more than 5,000 dentures and dental implant bridges. He can walk you through all our dentures options, including cosmetic lift dentures™, and help you determine which one is right for your smile.

To schedule a dentures consultation with Dr. Johnson, call 630-883-0200. If you need teeth removed to make room for dentures, one of our dentists can extract them. And you can get dental sedation to ensure you won’t feel a thing.

Choose From Other Types of Dentures

With Dr. Johnson’s extensive experience, you can select the dentures that are the best choice for your smile, your lifestyle, and your budget. In addition to cosmetic dentures, your other options may include:

  • Traditional dentures, either full or partial. Dr. Johnson uses the most advanced methods of measurement to ensure you get a perfect fit. And we partner with dental labs that use the finest materials for a lifelike look and feel.
  • Dental implant dentures, either implant-supported or implant-retained. Dentures on implants stay in place without adhesives so you can eat whatever you’d like and don’t have to worry about embarrassing slippage.

For more information on cosmetic lift dentures™ and other dentures options, call 630-883-0200. You can visit us at one of our four greater Chicago area locations: South Elgin, IL; Elgin, IL; St. Charles, IL; or Sleepy Hollow, IL. We can’t wait to transform your smile!