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Dr. Brar on Dental Crowns

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That's an awesome service we do in our office, you know? The crowns—crowns are state-of-the-art and something which is much needed in a patient’s mouth to prevent any further breakage on the tooth. We have a staff which is fully trained and skilled where we scan the patient’s mouth, the one that needs a crown. This all is done in the office. We have a milling machine that is going to fabricate a very state-of-the-art, nice crown for the patient. This is a service that can be done in one day. The patient is looking for those kind of services. If they can get their teeth fixed in one day and have this really nice crown in their mouth, they are just blown away with this service.

Dental crowns have so many uses that they are like a Swiss Army knife of dentistry! Because they cover your entire tooth, crowns enable you to keep teeth from being damaged by breaks, cracks, and decay. They can also hide cosmetic imperfections, like a discolored or misshapen tooth. And they can replace a missing tooth when used to support a dental bridge or when attached to dental implants.

A dental crown or bridge will:

  • Keep your smile looking great
  • Stop further damage like infection
  • Allow you to chew without pain
  • Help keep your jawbone strong by preserving your teeth

With our CEREC technology, it’s even possible for you to get a dental crown procedure in a single visit to our South Elgin, IL dentist office!

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CEREC Crowns Offer Same-Day Convenience

Brar Dentistry uses CEREC technology so you can get a crown in a single visit to our office. Contrast this with the usual process, which involves getting your tooth prepared for a crown and receiving a temporary crown to wear while you wait the several days – or even longer – it will take for an outside lab to produce your restoration. And it’s easier to make any necessary modifications to your crown without an outside lab involved. We use e.max porcelain, which is strong but thin and requires less modification of your tooth than other materials.

Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can replace a single tooth or several adjacent teeth. Many people prefer a fixed dental bridge to a partial denture because you don’t need to remove it for cleaning. You can attach a dental bridge to dental implants for added stability. Our dentists can help you determine which tooth replacement option is best for you.

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