Here are some dental questions that our patients, both new and old, have asked us frequently. Take a look and see if the answer you’re looking for is on this page.

Q: What is a full-mouth reconstruction?

Some people come to us with several problems that are affecting the function of their mouth. In other words, these problems are not only affecting the way their smile looks, but also how well it does its job. Any one restorative treatment will only solve part of their issue. Full-mouth reconstruction allows us to bundle the needed treatments into a single treatment plan so that we can get the smile back to a good working condition in the most efficient way possible.

Q: What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is like a full-mouth reconstruction in that it is for patients with multiple issues affecting the look of their smile. We bundle the needed treatments in much the same way as we bundle treatments for a full-mouth reconstruction. Where they are different is that a smile makeover addresses the appearance of a smile with cosmetic procedures, while a full-mouth reconstruction addresses the function of a smile with restorative procedures. You NEED to have a full-mouth reconstruction, while you CHOOSE to have a smile makeover. The results for either plan, however, can be life-changing.

Q: Do you place dental implants?

We do place dental implants. This gives us the ability to service your smile from start to finish in one place. Dr. Brar or Dr. Bram will do any required tooth extractions first and then evaluate your bone structure to make sure you have the needed bone mass to support dental implants. From there, you may need a bone graft done to build up bone mass, or you will have your dental implants placed. Your dentist will go over the whole process with you during your consult.

Q: Does Dr. Brar accept dental insurance at all of the practice locations?

We do accept dental insurance, but not as a form of payment. We will help you file your insurance to be reimbursed for your care, but we are set up to accept payments for our services as they are rendered. If you need to find a way to finance your dental care, check out our new patient page to get acquainted with the various payment options we have available.

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