I’m Embarrassed to Smile

What is the one common action for people when they are happy, proud, or find something amusing? If you answered smiling, you are on the right track. But what about those who don’t have the type of smile they can be proud of? Do you have a smile that suffers from some cosmetic problems? Do you hesitate to flash your grin to others because you are worried about how it looks? If so, Brar Dentistry is here to help you with dental cosmetics in South Elgin, IL. We have the skills and expertise to remake your smile and give you one to be proud of again.

Dr. Brar on Helping a Patient who is Embarrassed to Smile

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If you're embarrassed to smile then again, you have picked the right office. This is one of my core competencies, is the smile makeover. The patients who has told me stories in the chair, like they have a reunion coming up or they have this socializing event going on in their life which they are so embarrassed that they don't want to go there. The only reason they don't want to go there is because they don't want to smile. That really hurts me, personally, because I can't believe that they're going to miss something in life just because they don't have a smile. That's the reason we go there and we give them a confidence and trust that we can change your smile, so that you can go to your social event and enjoy with confidence, and have this peace of mind that you'll have a great smile.

Common Cosmetic Problems and Solutions From Dr. Brar

Here are some of the common dental cosmetics problems that we see here at Brar Dentistry and the ways we are able to help you correct them. You will be able to smile with confidence again in no time at all.

  • Chipped Teeth – Chipped teeth can hurt the appearance of your smile and leave you second-guessing whether you should smile at all. Dental veneers from Brar Dentistry can correct chips and give you the undamaged look you deserve from your smile.
  • Cracked Teeth – When you have a cracked tooth, not only does your appearance suffer, but your dental health is in danger as well. Dental veneers are a great solution. Not only does a porcelain veneer cover the crack and restore your appearance, but it also supports the tooth to keep it safe from further damage.
  • Stained TeethDental whitening is an effective treatment for most types of stains, but there are some stains (especially medical or disease related) that are resistant to even professional dental whitening. Dental veneers are able to cover this type of deep dental staining and return the white smile you want.

Do you have more than one problem to take care of? If so, a smile makeover may be what you need. By combining different dental cosmetics solutions into one plan suited just for you, we can take an embarrassing smile and transform it into a beautiful smile you never thought you could achieve. Call our office today at 630-883-0200 to schedule your appointment and find out more about your cosmetic options. You can also use our online form to schedule your appointment.