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Dr. Bram on Oral Surgery Options

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We do full bony impacted wisdom teeth. We do simple extractions. The thing that we do in addition to that is prepare for what do we do when a patient's missing a tooth. We typically like to reduce the number of invasive procedures. For instance, if a patient has to lose a molar, we have to talk about, well, we're genetically programmed to have it, it comes in when we're six or seven years old, maybe we should think about putting something back in there. Then we talk about implants and socket preservation. We'll oftentimes at the time of the tooth extraction, recommend doing the bone augmentation and soft tissue augmentation.

With the PRF that I spoke a little bit about earlier, we can take some of the patient's own blood and we actually put this in a centrifuge and it prepares a blood clot for the patient already, so it accelerates the healing process, reducing the risk of a dry socket. The growth factors that are responsible for repairing the surgical wound come from the clot. If you have no clot, you have no growth factors. That's why this PRF is such a wonderful development for anybody doing oral surgery.

What we do is we can place a little plug into the socket. We can mix it with particulate bone graft material and start the process of the surgical wound healing. At the end of the three or four months’ healing period, we have a more robust ridge, something that has a higher composition of bone, and consequently will be able to accommodate a nice implant and allow us to get the primary stability that we need so the patient can function with this for many, many years.

Our South Elgin, IL dentists use the latest dental technology to ensure your oral surgery goes well, from start to finish. From the planning stages for your procedure to the post-surgery healing process, here are some of the tools they use for successful outcomes:

  • 3D imaging, which gives them a view of your entire facial structure including nerves, tissue, and bone. They can use it to find out if teeth are impacted, for example.
  • PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) therapy, a method to promote healing that uses a very small amount of your own blood. It shortens recovery time and lessens the occurrence of possible complications like a painful dry socket.

Technology is more effective when it’s in the hands of experienced dentists. Both Dr. Rick Brar and Dr. Keith Bram have been practicing dentistry for more than 25 years. Dr. Bram’s training includes an oral and maxillofacial surgery externship at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, one of the largest teaching hospitals in the U.S.

You’ll feel better if your oral surgery procedure is performed by an experienced dentist using the latest techniques! And you can get dental sedation if you want it. Call Brar Dentistry at 630-883-0200.

Get the Oral Surgery You Need For a Healthy Mouth

Though our dentists aren’t oral surgeons, they’ve been performing multiple oral surgery procedures for decades. So you can get your surgery in familiar surroundings, from a dentist you know and trust. The procedures are:

  • Tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth
  • Ridge augmentation, to restore your jaw’s strength and appearance
  • Sinus lift, to build bone mass in your upper jaw for successful implant placement
  • Bone graft, to generate bone growth needed for dental implants
  • Gum graft, to repair receding gums

Do you think you may need oral surgery? Call 630-883-0200 to schedule a visit to our South Elgin, IL dentist office or one of our other three locations. You can also make an appointment using our online form.