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If it’s time to consider options for replacing all of your teeth, deciding between dental implants and dentures can be challenging. At Pro Dental Care in South Elgin and Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, Dr. Rick Brar offers an all-on-4, an option that falls between a full set of dental implants and dentures. If you’re curious about what this system can do to restore your smile, schedule a consultation today. You can book a visit through the simple online tool or by phone.


All-on-4 Dental Implants

What is All-on-4?

Dental implants work by installing metal posts into your bone tissue, where your bone fuses to the implant and creates a durable bond. Dentures are a full line of false teeth secured to a molded plastic base that fits over the surface of your gums.

All-on-4 dental implants are a state of the art compromise between those options. Unlike a full set of dental implants, all-on-4 uses just four implants on your top jaw, and four on the bottom. Your new teeth are permanently attached to those implants and create a full and gorgeous smile.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, IV sedation is an option and can help you rest comfortably during your implant procedure. The end result is a beautiful and functional smile that preserves a portion of your natural bone tissue.

Am I a good candidate for all-on-4 dental implants?

All-on-4 dental implants are a great option for many men and women. One advantage is a lower cost as compared to a full set of dental implants.

Another great thing about all-on-4 implants is the ability to make use of denser areas of bone in your jaw. If you’ve been missing some or all of your teeth for some time, you likely have a degree of bone loss. All-on-4 dental implants can be positioned in the parts of your jaw best able to support them, without the need for bone grafting.

This approach also requires less time in surgery than a full set of implants, and you’ll receive your new teeth the same day. That means a simplified healing process and a faster path to your new smile.

What kind of aftercare do all-on-4 implants involve?

You’ll need to follow your post-surgical care instructions to reduce the risk of infection and support your body’s healing function. During your follow-up visits at Pro Dental Care, your dentist will check your healing process and ensure your new implants fit properly.

It takes a few months for your gum tissue to adapt and fuse to the implants. Once that process is complete, your all-on-4 implants will look and function just like your normal teeth. While your implants can’t decay, it remains important to maintain a solid oral hygiene routine to keep your gums and other tissues healthy.

To explore all-on-4 dental implants in more detail, schedule a consultation at Pro Dental Care today. You can book online or with a quick phone call at either of our locations in Sleepy Hollow or South Elgin, Illinois.

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