Rick Brar, DMD

Get to Know Dr. Rick Brar, Your Friendly South Elgin, IL Dentist

Dr. Rick Brar knew what he wanted to do with his life from the time he was a teenager. It was during that time while undergoing dental treatment himself that he noticed the kind of impact a dentist has on the quality of life for their patients. Dr. Brar wanted to be able to help people get the kind of smiles they could be proud to show off and gain the confidence he thinks we are all entitled to. That early brush with the world of dentistry launched him on a path that sent him to the University of Washington. Dr. Brar graduated with his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Washington in 1986.

His quest to become the best dentist he could be did not stop the day he walked across that stage. He has continued to search out continuing education courses to expand his understanding of the way our mouths work. Some of the courses he has taken include:

Dr. Brar on his educational background

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I'm a trained dentist from Washington University Dental School in St. Louis, Missouri. Over there, I spent four years. After that, I pursued clinical excellence by doing surgical courses and invested millions of dollars in continuing education that made me a very skilled professional and well adept in the intricate procedures which we do in this office. The continuing education is the core of my competency. What we do in this office is smile makeovers, full mouth rehabs, and implants. It's all based on my clinical education, which I've done for years and years—to be exact, 30 years I've been doing this. It's involving doing residencies in oral surgery and doing surgical training for at least 30 years has got me where I am right now.


  • Three Implant Dentistry Courses
  • Two Years of Training Under Dr. Carl Misch
  • Two Dental Sedation Course
  • CEREC Same-Day Crown Training
  • Three Years of Full-Mouth Rehab Training
  • Three Years of Sleep Apnea Training
  • Three Years of Orthodontic Training
  • Two Years of Smile Makeover Training
  • Two Years of Periodontal Treatment Training

Dr. Brar has held the highest standard of excellence in everything he has ever done, and he will accept nothing less for his patients. He has spent the last 25 years in private practice providing life-changing dental services to the people in the greater Chicago area. Dr. Brar likes to say he is changing lives one smile at a time. He will help you get a great smile, too – what you do with it afterward is up to you.