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Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing one or more missing teeth, especially when you work with a talented professional like Dr. Rick Brar or Dr. Keith Bram of Pro Dental Care. Both dentists bring more than 25 years of experience to the practice to improve the lives of residents in and around South Elgin and Sleepy Hollow, Illinois. To schedule your one-on-one appointment, try the easy online tool or call to speak with a member of the friendly front office staff.

Dental Implants Q & A

Why replace missing teeth?

Most people only think of the aesthetic aspects of missing teeth, but there are serious health concerns to also consider. When you’re missing one or more teeth, the remaining teeth can shift out of position. That can alter your bite and place undue pressure on your remaining teeth.

There is also the matter of bone loss. Each tooth is anchored directly into your bone tissue. When you bite down, you stimulate that tissue, keeping it healthy and strong. Losing a tooth results in a loss of that stimulation, which can cause your bone to wear away, a process called resorption.

Missing teeth can also affect the way you eat and speak, which can have a negative effect on your health and social interactions. And yes, the aesthetic ramifications are also an important motivation to find a tooth replacement option. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that uses metal posts to replace your natural tooth roots. An artificial crown is installed on the portion of the post that extends from your gum tissue.

Getting implants requires oral surgery to position the metal implant into your bone tissue. That process is mapped out using dental cone beam computed tomography, commonly called 3D cone beam scanning. This state-of-the-art imaging delivers insight into the soft tissues, bone, and nerve pathways in the surgical area.

The process of getting dental implants requires multiple office visits and a degree of patience as your body heals. The implants are positioned during one appointment, followed by around four months of healing. Once your bone tissue has fused to the implant material, you’ll return to have the crown portion of the implant attached to the post.

Pro Dental Care also offers all-on-4, a dental implant solution that creates a full smile with just four implants in your top jaw and four in the bottom jaw. This is a good option for men and women who need to replace all of their teeth.

How can I prepare for dental implants?

As you prepare for your procedure, it’s critical that you share the full details of your health history with your Pro Dental Care dentist, including any medications or supplements you’re taking. You should also be prepared to follow all post-operative instructions to reduce the risk of infection.

If you’re a smoker, make every effort to quit in advance of your implant procedure. Smoking impedes your body’s ability to heal, and is also incredibly harmful to your gum tissue. Smoking even impacts your circulation, so quitting is a great plan as your surgery date nears.

To learn more about what dental implants can do for you, schedule a time to sit down and discuss the process in detail. You can book a consultation at Pro Dental Care online or by phone.