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A growing body of evidence supports the notion that your gum health is directly tied to your overall health. Highly experienced in periodontal dentistry, Dr. Rick Brar and Dr. Keith Bram of Pro Dental Care help many in South Elgin and Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, achieve and maintain optimal gum health. To learn more about these procedures, schedule a consultation today, online or by phone.

periodontal dentistry

Periodontal Dentistry Q & A

What is periodontal dentistry?

Periodontal dentistry involves procedures that treat your gum tissue. The gums play a vital role in securing and supporting your teeth, and are often overlooked until an issue arises. Fortunately, this tissue type is also among the fastest to heal, so periodontal procedures are often very successful.

If you encounter a problem with your gum tissue, working with a dental specialist who has the skills and training to deliver proper care is important. While all dentists receive gum health training, not all pursue the same level of ongoing education and specialty training as Dr. Brar and Dr. Bram.

What is frenectomy?

A frenum is a small band of connective tissue. You have one that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth. If that frenum restricts your tongue from moving properly, you may not be able to speak properly.

Your second frenum connects your upper lip to your gum. If that band of tissue is too wide or too long, it can lead to a space between your two front teeth.

A simple surgical procedure called a frenectomy can address these problems, and create optimal frenum function. The process can be done with a surgical scalpel or a laser.

What is gum grafting?

A gum graft is a type of tissue graft that repositions soft tissue from one area of your mouth to another. The procedure is often done to correct receding gums, which is a common issue that can cause heightened tooth sensitivity.

There are various ways to perform gum grafting, and Dr. Bram or Dr. Brar will complete a thorough diagnostic exam before determining the best approach for your needs. Gum grafts are an outpatient procedure, and you’ll be able to head home afterward.

It’s important to follow your post-operative care to support the healing process and reduce the risk of infection. A special mouth rinse helps keep your mouth clean, and you may need an antibiotic to further prevent infection.

What is laser gum treatment?

Pro Dental Care offers the very latest dental technology and is proud to include laser gum therapy as an option for treating gum disease or improving the aesthetic contours of your gum line.

Dental lasers can quickly and effectively remove inflamed gum tissue to improve access to your teeth for cleaning or treatment. The precision and control afforded by lasers make these procedures less invasive than traditional approaches, and can also speed healing.

That said, it’s important to choose a practitioner with experience in leveraging lasers to their greatest advantage. In the wrong hands a dental laser can cause significant damage, so be sure to work with a dentist who has both training and experience in laser dentistry.

To learn more about the periodontal dentistry services offered at Pro Dental Care, book an appointment today, online or by phone.

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