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Dr. Rick Brar and Dr. Keith Bram of Pro Dental Care in South Elgin and Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, are skilled providers who apply dental sealants to prevent tooth decay and infection. This service reduces the need for fillings and crowns. The procedure is quick, painless, and highly effective for both children and adults. If you would like to know more about this procedure, call or schedule your next dental appointment online.

Sealant Q & A

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are only available through a dental practice. They are thin, protective coatings made of a special type of plastic painted on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. They work to seal off the grooves and pits on your teeth where bacteria collect.

These pits and grooves may be particularly hard to clean, especially for children who haven’t yet developed a consistent and effective dental hygiene routine. Even adults can benefit from dental sealants. Once sealed, bacteria cannot damage that portion of your teeth, giving you additional protection against cavities and tooth infections.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals with dental sealants experience 80% fewer cavities in the first two years following application than those who don’t have sealants. Over the next four years, dental sealants can protect against 50% of cavities.

What happens during the dental sealant application?

The team of professional dental hygienists at Pro Dental Care apply dental sealants during a standard office appointment. The first step is a thorough dental exam to identify any existing decay. If no decay exists, the dentists or hygienists use a special solution to prepare the surface of the teeth for the sealant.

Your provider carefully applies the sealant to your teeth. Applying dental sealants is more involved than simply painting the material onto the teeth; your practitioner must apply sealants in a way that delivers protection without interfering with your bite.

Once in place, a special light cures the sealant and completes the application process. This procedure is completely painless and requires no special preparation or downtime.

How often should sealants be reapplied?

If the sealant material is still intact and performing as expected, you can expect your sealants to last for years. Your Pro Dental Care dentist evaluates the status of your sealants during routine dental checkups to determine if a touch-up or re-application is necessary.

Reapplication involves removing the remaining sealant material with a drill or dental scaler. Once all sealant material is removed the process is the same as getting an original round of sealants.

How much do dental sealants cost?

The cost of dental sealants varies. In many cases, dental insurance policies cover up to 100% of the cost. Patients concerned about the cost of this service can request a quote from the office before undergoing treatment.

Pro Dental Care can estimate the amount the patient’s insurance company will likely cover when preparing your personalized quote. For more information, schedule an appointment with Pro Dental Care today. Online scheduling is available, or you can simply call and speak with a member of the administrative staff.